Three awesome podcasts


I’ve been a fan of RadioLab forever and suggest that you listen. If you do, the only problem with RadioLab is there isn’t enough RadioLab. Recently the 60 Words episode was been hard to shake.
Check out RadioLab.

99% Invisible

Recently, I added 99% Invisible to my rotation. It’s fantastic! Episode 148: The Sizzle is wonderful.
Check out 99% Invisible

Freakonomics Radio podcast

Finally I have to recommend the Freakonomics Radio podcast. With constant quality content I’m a fan. The weeks episode absolutely nailed it. Go listen to “That’s a Great Question!” now. 

A last though on how I listen to podcasts now. I was using Apple’s podcasts app which is ok. Over Christmas I grabbed Overcast. It’s a major upgrade in listening experience. Try it, it’s free! Also, I purchased the in-app upgrade for the premium features. Totally worth it. 

If you have suggestions for other great podcasts let me know. I’m @davidrmoulton on Twitter.