iBooks Author – An amazing storytelling platform.

About a year ago I started experimenting with iBooks Author. It seemed like a simple way to create interactive experience. It was surprising to see how easy it was to create a compelling iBook with NO CODE. Its not to say you can’t or shouldn’t dive into some HTML and drop a custom widget into your iBook, you should, I just haven’t had time to get into that yet. I have been able to tell my story (portfolio) and a create growing number of Customer Stories or Customer Journeys via iBooks. I’ve learned a lot and wanted to write a series of articles layout it all out.

My First Try

For my first iBook I built out a portfolio in a timeline format for interviews. Using an iPad and iBooks, it was easy to show my best work in a compelling way. I loved that I was able to carry an interactive, hi-res version of my work with me and I think it helped in the interview process (I got hired).

When building my portfolio, I very limited time and had to rely on the default styles and templates to help me go from concept to complete. I had to make some concessions and ended up with a portrait only book. I used strong images, focused copy and at key points, to drive home the story iBooks’ interactive widgets like image carrousels, popup windows and video.

I still have the portfolio and still like how the iBook works and looks. Its says something that a year later I am still happy with the iBook.If you are a designer I think that this is one of the best ways to share your work.

You can export your .iBooks file to a service like Dropbox and share the link of your are not able to meet in person. The file can be opened on a person's iPad or Mac (Mavericks and up) in the iBooks App. For a bit of security, I carried mine with me rather than distribute a link. The is also an option to protect your file with a password.