Sketching with Paper and Pencil by 53

Have you tried Paper by 53? With the Pencil stylus? You should… its great for fast, fluid capture of ideas or longer experiments in creativity.

Over the last six months I have used the app (Paper) and stylus (Pencil) to doodle ideas, takes notes (awful for this in my opinion) and to do serious work at Salesforce.

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Out of the office

The latest win with Paper and Pencil was for a major media company. I was working with a team and the director was struggling with how to tell a important, yet seemingly complex part of the story. I was out of the office and just had my iPad and Pencil with me, so I fired up Paper and about 30 minutes had a couple solid ideas. I sent them out to the team for review and then, after settling on the strongest idea one of our digital designers converted it into a highly polished representation for the presentation.

Paper makes it easy to share your ideas and thoughts, and now with Mix, they have added the ability to download starts to ideas that have really translated into stronger work. Much of the story telling we do at Marketing Cloud is set against the backdrop of a phone (iPhone incase you are curious). When I am sketching, I will often lop a rectangle shape onto the screen, add a circle near the bottom and call it a phone. Many times I have had to explain “this is an iPhone”. Now with Mix, I have an iPhone as a starter screen… in fact I have two options, one with a single device and another with two phones. This is incredibly helpful for me as I am often explaining customer interactions and the second screen is key to the concept.

I plan to keep sketching, storyboarding and sharing via Paper and Pencil and I am looking forward to their next updates.

One last thought… if you are looking for an amazing site and artist that really push what you can do with Paper and Pencil check out Made Mistakes‘s review of Paper and Pencil and check out Michael Rose’s work. The Paper Faces series is stunning.