Evolving the definition of me.

Problem solver, thinker, storyteller, doer, leader

Recently I was asked by a very curious VP of Engineering “What type of designer are you? A UX designer, a UI designer, an interaction designer?” I have been struggling to answer that question for some time now and realized it’s the wrong question for me. 

I am a problem solver, thinker, storyteller, doer, & leader with a designer’s toolbox.

UX? Love it. UI, if I get the opportunity, sure. Interaction design? If I think it will help me tell a better story, you betcha!

I like to think up big ideas that will help businesses and people (strategic design and planning). Then I create stories to share that idea with people to get them excited and aligned (sales).

Sometimes, my stories are “art of the possible” customer journeys (shiny, sexy and fun), other times I tell the story in the language of UX (empathy, functionality) to designers and developers so we can partner to make it real. Other times I just make a prototype and give it to people to react to, to trash, to love and ultimately to understand what parts need work and what parts are great. 

In the end, I am always focused on solving problems and making the things I work on better for people.



David continuously demonstrates that he is a top tier designer and strategist with great motivation and quantifiable results. I had the pleasure of working with David an multiple projects and he continuously not only exceeded the client’s expectations, but my own as well. Though our career paths took us in different directions, I truly hope to have an opportunity to work with David again.
— Anton Abramov Experience Director | Solution Strategist