Cross-over app experiences will drive customer engagement

One of my predictions for mobile in the next six to eighteen months is heavy cross-over in brand and mobile experiences where integration in mobile apps drives customer engagement.

We all ready see this app integration as native functionality in iOS. Apple lets you shoot pictures in the their camera app and then use the photo edit tools from other apps you have via the share sheet. For example I can shoot in Camera and edit in Camera+. This functionality is going beyond the share sheet and is part of other apps. Starbucks lets you get an Uber right in their app. That is incredible for Starbucks, Uber and you.

If this integration is the next trend in Mobile Customer Experience, and I think it will be, the possibilities are incredible.

Recently I have been working on some ideas for a major burger chain and had fun coming up with  ideas on how the brand can become part of other experiences.

iOS Share Sheet in Camera App.

Hail an Über from Starbucks App

Hail an Über from Starbucks App