Things That Inspire Me.

Anything Simon Sinek does.


Why. How. What.

Simon's cadence, message and passion combine in this authentic and unique way for me to create a feeling few other speaks have made me feel. I often go back and watch these talks to feel that way again, inspired, and to observe how he tells a great story.

Billions in Change

What Manoj Bhargava, founder and CEO of Living Essentials (5 Hour Energy) is doing is amazing work with his billions. Sustainable power, clear water and affordable health treatments are huge. I am inspired to be a part of what he is doing.

araabMUZIK dubstep live 

This guy inspires me. First his samples are awesome, second, his music gets the crowd to go nuts and lastly his hand speed. Its inhuman His hands blaze across the boards. Imagine the time it took to develop that skill. I have the clip set to open a little after a minute into the clip and he just goes crazy on the pad. If you stick around to the 2:06 mark and watch the guys in the background its fantastic. They are amazed. Just like I am.

Making really hard stuff sound simple

Explaining how easy it is "flip" to green energy and batteries was something Elon masterfully handled in this presentation.

I love when something that is or seems complex is told in a way that makes it simple for everyone to understand. I aspire to do that in my work and in the stories I get to tell. Elon inspired me with both the idea and how he shared it.

Tom Bihn Bags

I keep buying bags from Tom Bihn. I recommend them. Its weird to think that I am inspired by my backpack, but its something I have thought about a lot. Its perfectly made. Here the States. It's comfortable, its light, it has good pockets and in the almost two years I've carried it, I am impressed every time I pick it up. There is a lot to be said for a product this good that seems so unassuming. 

The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan are informative (ish) and entertaining. Their interest in finding beauty at incredibly slow speeds has me coming back for me

I think its inspiring to always be wondering "what if" we made it 100,000 times slower, or faster, or more powerful or multiplied the number of uses by 100,000… and then see if we can.

Knowing I Can Make Products (Better)

iPad Meal Planner is an idea that I had watching and working with my wife to plan our weekly shopping and meal plans. I have been looking for a partner to help develop the product and thinking about ideas on how to make it better. I think of it as Pandora for meals.

Watching people (my wife) and wanting to make things better, easier, more delightful inspires me.

Using a car to make typefaces

The idea is ridiculous. And yet, I am so into it. The creativity and technical chops it took to think of this idea and then pull it off is inspiring. The car, the cameras, the sensors, the driver, all come together, focused on how to make a typeface with a car. If its possible to draw with your car, I think it proves that many of the creative blocks we claim to have and the sad ideas that make it into the world prove we should just keep pushing to be amazing.

Eye Writer

The EyeWriter is a low-cost eye-tracking apparatus and custom software that allows artists with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) to draw using only their eyes.

Watch the video. If you don't feel something, call your doctor.


Better Meetings

I've found that keeping up with meetings and understanding who you are meeting with can consume a ton of time. Insights from Salesforce, LinkedIn and elsewhere are hugely valuable but costly to get if you have to do it manually. This concept automates the work so you can focus on the relationships and business.

David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization

It was from this talk that I was able to understand how combining data sets, analysis, curiosity and design could have a multiplier effect when telling a story, answering a question or making a point.

Tough Reading

I wish I could say that I zipped through this book and got it on the first try. I didn't. I read it and reread it and I am still thinking about the ideas in the is book. It inspires me that the world is filled with amazing thinkers and people that are not only willing to challenge norms, but to run tests to prove that long held ideas are wrong and offer new insights and solutions.

Building a better product

This is a screen from Perform, a SAAS product I designed with the team at Paycor as a consultant. I went in thinking "how hard is payroll" I came out understanding, very hard, and along the way, I shifted my thinking from, "just get people their checks to when I do my job well, families go on vacation, companies have happier employees and the child support check arrives meaning kids eat, have the things they need.


The "peanut" TiVo Remote

It probably sounds goofy, but I think this is one of the best pieces of consumer, industrial design I have ever owned and had the pleasure of using. It is the remote that I use to judge all other remotes… and so far, the other options all stink (looking at you Apple!). It fits in your hand, the buttons are designed to make using the remote as easy as possible, even in the dark. And I understood how to use it from the moment I picked it up. This attention to experience made me a TiVo fan for years.


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