An even better Nest Experience

Double Ring Virtual Fence for Nest Thermostat

I have this very simple idea. Use an iPhone’s location abilities to automatically control your Nest thermostat to increase your comfort and save on heating and cooling. It would work like this. Tell your Nest your address and let the iPhone app create a double ring virtual fence. As you drove through this fence (twice) in either direction, the app would signal your thermostat with an update.

If you are traveling away, the thermostat could turn on or confirm the “Away” mode. If you are heading toward you address, the app could turn on the heat or cooling to increase your comfort when you arrive. The virtual fence would grow or contract based on the weather and time of day. Additionally, the user could be alerted that the app wanted to signal the thermostat, making it simple to cancel the update if it was not needed.

Here is a simple representation of the idea.

Here is to hoping Nest adds this feature to their app, credits me with an original idea (only slightly kidding here, and most importantly, fixes the Nest so I can put one back in my house!